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Please read before posting! Empty Please read before posting!

Post by TwilighTony on Sun Nov 25, 2007 6:48 pm

Welcome! First and most importantly, all members must post an introduction. Tell everyone as much as you can about yourself, including your history with Twilight. But don't give away your last name or your specific location; I want everyone to be safe. Also, anywhere on this site, keep swearing to a bare minimum. I say that because I don't want people cursing people off, but I also don't want this place to be uptight. I myself curse, just for emphasis or expression. That is allowed, sparingly. As for screen name and myspace give-outs, that is to your discretion. Just know that, if you give someone your myspace or something and they harass you, no one on here is held responsible.
Another thing is moderators. They are superior to you. Kidding, but you need to listen to them. If they say stop something, just stop, otherwise they have the authority to boot you.
And I think that's about it for now. If anything else comes up, I'll add it here.
If anyone has any problems, contact me or any moderator with a detailed description of the problem. Thanks, and have fun!

Please read before posting! Alicesig01
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