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The next day on May 24 Empty The next day on May 24

Post by taixyz1992 on Wed Dec 22, 2010 1:56 pm

The next day on May 24, the majority of the Austrian fleet at Pula steamed for the Adriatic coast of Italy. This included three dreadnoughts, SMS Viribus Unitis, SMS Tegetthoff, SMS Prinz Eugen, and eight pre-dreadnoughts. Other Austro-Hungarian ships were already in enemy waters or proceeding to the Ancona coast themselves. The fleet bombarded several of the Italian coastal cities and other targets in and around the Province of Ancona, especially damaging the city of Ancona.

SMS Tegetthoff and the destroyer SMS Velebit shelled the Italian airship Cittą di Ferrara off Ancona. The pre-dreadnought SMS Radetzky and two torpedo boats bombarded Potenza Picena, then returned to Pula naval base. Another pre-dreadnought the SMS Zrinyi, with two more torpedo boats bombarded Senigallia, destroying a train and damaging a railway station and a bridge, before returning back to Pula. The torpedo boat SMS Tb 3 was unsuccessfully bombed by an Italian flying boat.

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