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Post by TwilighTony on Fri Feb 22, 2008 11:46 pm

I just noticed that I'm the Admin and I haven't posted an introduction myself. How rude of me.
Well I'll try to keep it short, because details annoy me. I don't know why. ANYWAY. My name's Tony, so you can call me that, not "that admin dude." XD
My good friend Michelle introduced me to Twilight around the same time that New Moon came out. I bought them both online, then tore them apart (figuratively speaking) when I got them. I'm still amazed at the impact Twilight has made and the popularity it's gained, since Stephenie never intended on being a writer. Her story fascinates me to this day.
Uhhh I'm 16 years old, 17 this summer. I take German in school and I plan to double major in German and English in college, probable West Chester U in PA, which is where I live, PA. A 'burb of Philly.
I've been to two Stephenie signings, one during her New Moon tour and one during her Eclipse tour. The difference between the two was catastrophic. The amount of popularity she gained over the year between the two signings was immense. At the New Moon signing, there was a good amount of people, probably around 100. The Eclipse signing, which was themed Eclipse Prom, had about 800 people, I'd say. The Today Show was there and all taking footage for a weekend show, and me and my friends were seen on TV, me shouting, "EDWARD CULLEN!" and the crowd responding back to us Edward fans, "JACOB BLACK!" It was an amazing night. Can't wait to see her again. I didn't freeze up, I actually talked to her, which was nice. She was so personable before she was famous. Now she's too famous to know personally, which sucks, but I have Richelle Mead for that. Read her books Very Happy
I am a long-time member of one of our affiliates here at the Universe, the Twilight Lexicon, which is the official fansite. Any information other sites like mine get on Twilight and Stephenie will almost always come from them. The two owners and Admins of the Lex are tolerant, amazing fans. They're very fortunate to be able to run her official fansite. Fun stuff. Visit the Lexicon whenever you have a chance, they have amazing stuff on there, and a LOT of fans, who are all nice. I've made a lot of friends on that site over the years.
And lastly, even though this is WAY longer then I'd anticipated, why I decided to start this site. First and foremost, I wanted to experience what it was like managing a site that connects fans like me. And I must tell you, even though the Universe isn't that popular, it's pretty fun. I could have just stayed a member on the Lex, but I really wanted some experience with people and site administration. I'm currently working with my friend on making a real nice website--not a free forum--for one of my other favorite authors. She's been previously mentioned, Richelle Mead. So when it's done, I'll have to let you all know, and by then you should have read her series Vampire Academy. Her Succubus Blues series is a little explicit, so the younger beware: only read Vampire Academy! Lol.
Well I guess that's it, for now. As always, if you ever need anything, or you want to be a mod, or just chat, or you have a question, feel free to PM or Email me.
Happy Posting!

--Tony D.

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Alice Cullen <3
In case you were wondering, I am a guy.

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Post by herostime on Thu Mar 14, 2013 3:40 am

Hello, administrator. I am the new member here. I think this site is very professional, I got many useful info from the post. but it seems the popularity is not so hot, I think the admin could add more useful and funny mod to attract more people.

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